The Laguna Beach Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW-LB), a 501(c)4 organization founded in 1967, is a dynamic growing organization with many exciting programs, interest groups and opportunities to get involved in the community. Our diverse membership includes residents of Laguna Beach and surrounding communities, spanning a wide range of ages, professions, and backgrounds.  

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Hoffy Tours & AAUW Present on May 21 a Day of travels in Claremont.

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See our 2016 Scholarship Returning to College Recipient

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Voting Results

The 2016-2017 Slate of Officers for AAUW-LB was approved by 81 votes of approval.
The new officers will begin after their installation on June 5th.

         Co-Presidents:  Jean Vivrette, Fritz Reynolds
         Co-Vice Presidents:  Nancy Lawrence, Farie Momayez, Joan Stratton
         Programs Chair: Lynn Weiser
         Membership Co-Chairs:  Erin Slattery, Leah Vasquez
         Finance Co-Officers: Nancy Eidt, Kathy Willman
         Secretary:  Mary Ann Schierholt


Congratulations to the New Board and “Thank you for your service” for the former Board. Together we make a difference in our community, state, and nation.






The Laguna Beach Branch of the AAUW (American Association of University Women) is proud to announce that we will be sending camper #100 to Tech Trek this summer!
Tech Trek is the AAUW’s experiential summer camp program, designed for rising eighth grade girls with an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The first Tech Trek camp was held the summer of 1998 at Stanford University. Currently, there are Tech Trek camps held on over 20 college and university campuses nationwide—including 10 camps on 8 different California campuses.



           2016 TECH TREK GIRLS FROM THURSTON MIDDLE SCHOOL Top Row (left to right): Sophia Ravenna, Sophia Lander, Chloe Gabora, Sydney Eckberg-Rogers. Front Row: Leah West, Stella Rhee, Liela Andringa Not pictured: Maya Gallego

What Happened on Equal Pay Day

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House Passes Bill to Allow Inurnment of Women Pilots at Arlington National Cemetery

This week the House passed a bill (385-0) to restore inurnment rights of Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) at the Arlington National Cemetery. AAUW’s CEO and veteran, Linda Hallman, called upon Congress to take action in a letter to the editor published in the Washington Post over the weekend. AAUW Action Network supporters helped to advance the issue by sending messages to their members of Congress urging them to pass the bill. It now heads to the Senate for passage.

Women’s History Month

Spotlight on Courageous Women

Though the contributions of women should rightfully be integrated throughout the year, the month of March has been designated as Women’s History Month. Schools, museums, newscasts and articles across the nation will highlight famous women and their place in the past. Here, we examine the worthy contributions of some less known yet just as stellar women in American “herstory.”

Virginia Apgar (1909-1974) was an obstetrical anesthesiologist who originally completed a residency in surgery. After being discouraged from practicing in that field, she turned to anesthesiology. Considered a leader in this field and that of teratology, Virginia is best known for her creation of the “Apgar score,” which is a way to quickly assess a newborn’s health immediately after birth. She ended her career after a long stint working for the March of Dimes Foundation.

Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992) graduated with degrees in math and physics from Vasser College and joined the Navy during World War 2. She was assigned to program the Mark 1 computer and lead the team that created the first computer language compiler. This eventually led to the popular COBOL language. Grace rose to the rank of Rear Admiral before retirement.

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