The American Association of University Women Laguna Beach Branch is a unique, multidimensional group of women in the arts, education, business, science, law and community affairs. Together we are working to empower women and girls through education to reach their full potential.

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The Government Nearly Shut Down Again. Tell Congress to Pass a Real action network banner Feb2013Budget!

At the last minute yesterday, Congress voted to keep the government’s lights on by passing a funding bill. The government avoiding a shutdown is good news, but the bad news is that legislators will face this debate all over again in December when this short-term funding expires. It’s time for our lawmakers to – finally – get down to business by passing a balanced budget, and we can make them do it.

In recent years, education, housing, and public health services called nondefense discretionary (NDD) programs have been eliminated or reduced by Congress due to across-the-board cuts. These cuts are called sequestration, which dramatically decrease funding for important programs as an attempt by lawmakers to reduce the deficit. Sequestration began in March 2013 when Congress failed to reach a bipartisan agreement on $1.2 trillion in budget cuts. If Congress doesn’t act, the sequester will continue unabated throughout the next decade. This is no way to write a budget and make decisions about meeting our country’s priorities.  And we need to make sure Congress knows this.

Tell your members of Congress: Pass a real budget. Stop the sequester.

Domestic spending has already been significantly cut to reduce the deficit. It’s time to end the sequester and consider investments in non-defense spending, on the resources and programs that are known to help women, working families, and our economy. We can do this in a way that continues providing financial support to our military and veterans, too.

Take action today: Tell your members of Congress to stop the budget sequester! Doing so will allow us to end the cuts to vital programs that help women and families and instead make the investments our country needs.

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AAUW presents “What We Really Need to Know” Tuesday

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Laguna Beach invites community members to a free October 13 program on “What We Really Need to Know” presented by three Laguna Beach women in prominent leadership roles: Laura Farinella, Chief of Police, Laguna Beach; Dawn Price, Executive Director of Laguna’s Friendship Shelter; and Rita Conn, community activist.

This open, free community program takes place in the Council Chambers in Laguna’s historic City Hall, 505 Forest Avenue, from 5 – 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13. Designed in the Mediterranean Revival style, the City Hall is the focus for community involvement and leadership where officials and citizens bring to light the urgent and important concerns of the times.

The panel features Laura Farinella, the first female Chief of Police in Laguna Beach. Farinella states thatlaw enforcement cannot handle all community and nuisance issues alone, but through partnerships, issues and concerns can be lessened, managed better or eliminated. The second panelist, Dawn Price, Executive Director of Laguna’s Friendship Shelter, advocates creating homes for the homeless and addresses the ever-increasing crisis for this community as in other communities. Panelist Rita Conn, activist leader of Let Laguna Vote, now alerts the public of nuclear leakage and lack of oversight at the San Onofre nuclear generating station.

For more information on this community event, please contact AAUW Laguna Beach Program Co-chairs: Leah Vasquez, or Rita Jones,