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Kurz et Kurz-v-Trustees-of-Indiana-University-220al. v. Trustees of Indiana University et al.

Adopted 2015

Several former members of the Indiana University East (IUE) volleyball team filed suit against the school under Title IX, alleging that IUE hired a volleyball coach who the players say sexually harassed them. The players claim that IUE hired the coach despite knowing that he had a history of sexually harassing female athletes. The players also allege that they notified the school of the coach’s behavior and IUE refused to protect them. Further, the players claim that when the coach learned about the players’ complaint to IUE, he dismissed several of them from the team. The dismissed athletes not only lost the opportunity to play, they also lost their school scholarships.

Rizo v. Fresno County Office of Education

AileenRizo-e1446737419217Adopted 2015
Aileen Rizo is a math consultant for the Fresno County Office of Education (FCOE) in Fresno, California. She filed suit against the FCOE under equal pay and gender discrimination laws after discovering she was paid less than her male colleague who had less experience and seniority. Knowing that the use of prior salary history is one underlying factor of the gender wage gap, Rizo challenged the FCOE’s practice of basing pay exclusively on an employee’s prior salary history. The case was originally filed in 2014, and Rizo is awaiting the California court’s ruling on summary judgment before moving ahead toward trial.


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